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ObiMama Vogels | short stage 2 mei tai *reserved*

Product Information


* this product is reserved for the winner of our facebook drawing, do not attempt to purchase*


 If you live in Australia, New Zealand or Malaysia (and surrounds) remember to follow the Karri Tree Lane facebook page to see our next releases of instock ObiMama carriers!


We are *very* excited here at Karri Tree Lane to be collaborating with the lovely Jen from ObiMama to bring instock wrap conversion mei tais, half buckles and featherweight carriers to Australian, New Zealand and Malaysian babywearers.


Be sure to follow the Karri Tree Lane blog and facebook page to add your name to the drawings!





 This amazing wrap conversion is made from a limited release Didymos Vogels , 50% linen 50% organic cotton, converted into a perfect short stage 2 mei tai. This carrier comes ready to ship with ObiMama's super comfy tie waist, 85" zen straps, adjustable hood, knee and neck padding, and you should expect it to fit babies from around 8 months of age, when they're ready to have their legs spread. While you may be able to roll the waist and have legs out earlier due to the contour of the body please be aware that this will also reduce the height of the carrier. The purchase price of this carrier is $520 plus shipping costs (capped at $15 within Australia)


Didymos Vogels limited edition wrap (50% linen, 50% organic cotton) 

short stage 2
mei tai waist
85" zen straps
adjustable hood
neck and knee padding

  $520 plus shipping costs


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