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Weighted Demonstration Doll 52cm/3.3kg Jointed

Price: $210.00

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In Stock Doll

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Product Information

These weighted dolls are in hot demand among babywearers,

cloth nappy demonstrators and breastfeeding educators throughout Australia


Each doll is handmade with love and care in Germany by Renate's Puppenstube  



This in stock demo doll is a 3.3kg jointed body, chosen for ease of positioning and full flexibility

This doll is the perfect choice for retailers, babywearing reviewers/bloggers and babywearing consultants 


The baby has one open and one closed hand and the 'Lisa' head and she comes without clothes


Photo of one of our demo dolls in action, this is 'Willow' with thanks to Janine at Ninky Bear


Are you confused about whether you should select a jointed or non-jointed baby doll?

Generally, a  non-jointed bodied doll is more durable for situations where multiple inexperienced handlers are using the doll (eg sling meets), while a jointed bodied doll is more flexible and posable for photos and advanced demos (eg one on one consultations).

Please let me know if you would like me to offer any individual advice regarding doll choice,
you can contact me via email 



These dolls are available to order at any time, please email via the contact page for more information


The average turn around time for the dolls is 3 weeks


Due to their weight and the potential for them to be damaged while in transit,

the postage cost for these dolls is a $15 flat fee which covers postage in a rigid box with tracking and insurance.


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