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Maya Wrap lightly padded sling

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We are very excited to be stocking the Maya Wrap lightly padded ring sling here in Australia, as they are a personal favourite.

Touted as 'the perfect first sling for new babywearers' , we think they're the staple sling for all, regardless of how much babywearing you've already done!

The fabric of these slings is unbelievable, 100% cotton hand loomed in Guatemala. It is soft and luxurious, breathes beautifully and wears incredibly.

The light padding is in the shoulder, for extra comfort. The rails and open tail of this sling are unpadded for extra adjustability

  • Wear newborns through toddlers in a variety of positions
  • Made of beautiful hand-loomed, breathable fabrics
  • Built in pocket for keys, nappy, mobile phone etc.
  • Fits easily into a nappy bag
  • Machine washable
  • Recommended for children up to 15 or 16 kilos
  • Instructional DVD included

Currently in stock in a variety of gorgeous fabrics.


A note on sizing:

Maya Wrap woven ring slings come in a range of sizes to suit all shapes of wearer.

The LARGE size is now the recommended choice for families who wish to share a single sling between wearers of varied sizes, as it is suited to most wearers up to 6 foot tall.

X-large is great for the very tall or tall and cuddly wearer (most plus size wearers will be fine with the large, only tall and cuddly will need X-large!)

Medium is perfect for petite wearers or average sizes who prefer a shorter tail, and families where all wearers are of average height and slender.

Small slings will suit shorter, slim wearers.

I am a size 16 AU woman who stands 160cm tall and I wear a medium sling. My partner is an XXL men's tshirt and is more comfortable in the large.


Small slings measure 67 inches or around 170cm

Medium slings measure 73 inches or around 185cm

Large slings measure 79 inches or around 200cm

X- large slings measure 85 inches or around 216cm

Please check size availability of each colourway,  as noted in the dropdown menu above.



I can custom order you perfect Maya Wrap ring sling if it is out of stock here, please email me if you have a request.

# 12 Twilight Blue # 24 Plum # 36 Cool Waters # 37 Bright Stripes
#41 Berries # 42 Slate # 58 Olive Green # 60 Plume
# 61 Isle of Skye # 67 Ivory / Undyed # 75 Graphite # 80 Emerald

 # 81 Mocha # 82 Dorothy # 84 Briar Rose  # 85 Asher






Please check the drop down menu above to make your selection.


Karri Tree Lane is proud to stock one of the widest range of Maya Wrap slings of any store in Australia, and I am able to place custom orders regularly. Please use the Contact Us page to enquire about out of stock colours or lengths

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