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Sakura Bloom 'classic' Linen Ring Slings

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Product Information

 *they're here!  These gorgeous new slings are here and ready to ship immediately*

we will post express at the flat rate $8 cost for a limited time only

no need for coupons, we will upgrade all 'classic' sling orders automatically




These beautiful slings are made from strong yet soft Belgian linen, dyed with eco-friendly dyes,

and the results are stunning, amazingly comfortable carriers which are a delight to wear.


Made in America by an inspiring family company, I am so excited to have the Sakura Bloom slings at Karri Tree Lane.

These are our favourite slings for hot weather and are even better now for support.


There are often more colour choices available, please browse the Sakura Bloom website and let me know if you would like to place a special request with my next order - however, be aware that many colours are seasonal limited releases and are not repeated, so if you see something you love in stock be sure to grab it fast!


classic | Acadia

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Ash

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Cedar

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Driftwood

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Maple

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Mystic

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Peacock

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Port

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Raven

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Ripple

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Sencha

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Sienna

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Storm

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Sundown

Single Layer Belgian Linen


 classic | Twilight

Single Layer Belgian Linen


We are proud to have the whole range of | classic | slings available at Karri Tree Lane, including the latest releases. If your selected colour doesn't appear in the drop down menu, then we have likely temporarily sold out of that option and will probably have it restocked soon. However, be aware that some colours are seasonal limited releases and are not repeated, so if you see something you love in stock be sure to grab it fast!

classic | Vert

Single Layer Belgian Linen


classic | Wheat

Single Layer Belgian Linen



eco-friendly artisan baby slings, constructed from premium natural fibres    shouldering beauty and function


Wearing your baby is a modern art. It takes finesse and love to bond with your child as you make your way through your busy day. Following the lead of cultures from around the world, Sakura Bloom offers you an easy solution: baby slings constructed from premium natural fibres. Join us in embracing a connected parenting lifestyle that looks and feels good.



Quick Features:

One Size


Washable (cold wash, gentle cycle, line dry)


Six carrying positions

Newborn - 15+kg


Ergonomic Design

Great weight distribution

Hands free breastfeeding

Easy to use!


This is my favourite video demo for carrying a newborn in your Sakura Bloom





Sakura Bloom Tips + Tricks:


Get Moving. Once you get your baby in the sling, start moving. Walk. Sway. Dance. Bounce gently on a yoga ball. Movement often calms babies and will help them settle happily into your sling.


Bottom to Bellybutton. Your baby should be held high and snug in the sling. His or her bottom should be roughly at your belly button, at about the same height as if you were holding your baby in your arms.


Personalities and Positions. Different babies like different positions. How do you carry your baby in your arms? If you carry your baby upright, try the Tummy-to-Tummy position. If you carry your baby in a recline position, try a high cradle position.

Some babies like all the positions, others prefer one over others. Some change their preferences as they grow older. Experiment to find out what position your baby likes. If your baby is uncomfortable, he or she will let you know.


Adjustments. If you don’t get your baby in correctly the first time, take baby out and try again until you get it right. Don’t be afraid to reach into the sling to adjust the baby if need be. Your baby’s head should not hit the rings.

If it does, take baby out and put him in again. In the beginning it might take a week or two to master using the sling. Once you do, it is as easy as riding a bike.


Reverse it. All Sakura Bloom slings are fully reversible. Classic slings reverse to the same solid colour.  To reverse your sling, unthread it, then rethread with your preferred side to the back. There is no “wrong side” with Sakura Bloom slings.


Napping. The comfort and movement of the sling often lulls children to sleep. If your child falls asleep in the sling and you would like to transfer the baby to another place to sleep, one technique is to bend over at the waist and lay the baby on a bed or couch while still in the sling. Slowly take the sling off by pulling it over your head, being careful not to disturb the child. Make sure the child is in a safe place to sleep and gently remove them from the sling.


Go With the Flow. Don’t feel constricted to any one position—slings are great for their versatility. They can allow baby to face the world, interacting with all those you encounter at one moment, and turn in to snuggle with Mummy or Daddy or take a nap at the next.


Be smart. Always make sure your baby is safe and secure in the sling, especially during periods of extended wearing or if baby falls asleep. Use common sense and follow the safety instructions.


Have fun. Wearing your baby in a sling allows them to interact with others from a secure and confident position. It enables them to follow your cues in social situations and provides you both with valuable opportunities for teaching, sharing, and cuddling.




Everyday Cleaning:

Spot cleaning is recommended for everyday maintenance. Baby spit up on the sling? Spill juice on it? No problem. A cold washcloth will do the trick.

Thorough Cleaning:

If your sling does need an overall cleaning, there are three options. You can hand wash in cold water or wash it, alone, in cold water on your machine’s gentle cycle. After washing, hang the sling to dry and steam iron on the hottest setting to remove wrinkles. Or, you can dry clean it using an environmentally friendly cleaners. Be sure to unthread your sling before you clean it, regardless of which method you use.


  • Want to make your sling even softer? Use it! Sakura Bloom silk and linen slings soften up beautifully through regular use.
  • Ready to wash your silk sling? Remember, just like a pair of black jeans or a coloured t-shirt, each time you wash your sling, it may lose a bit of colour.
  • Sheen or Matte? Washing gives a more matte or raw look to the silk. To preserve the original sheen (and colour) of a silk sling, a combination of spot cleaning and dry cleaning is recommended.





Using your Sakura Bloom sling safely is not difficult.  Read our safety instructions carefully and be aware of safety issues each time you use the sling.  With practice and mindful use, you should have years of comfortable and safe slinging.

  • Practice, practice, practice.  Get very comfortable putting your child in and taking them out of your sling.
  • Properly position your child in the sling.

                    Check that your child has good airflow.  Make sure that baby’s chin does not drop to their chest. 

                    Check the positioning of sleeping babies to make sure that their airflow is not obstructed in any way.

                    Ensure proper alignment of their head and neck.

                    Confirm comfortable positioning of their legs, feet, and arms.

                    Recheck baby regularly for the duration of the carry.


  • Your Sakura Bloom sling is professionally made, but you should frequently check the seams and fabric for wear and tear.
  • When in doubt, tighten the rails.  A snug baby is a secure baby.
  • Be careful using the sling in all situations, but especially while cleaning, exercising, in bad weather conditions, or in difficult environments indoors or outdoors (e.g., stairs, steep or slippery terrain).
  • Do not use the sling in certain situations—while cooking, doing strenuous exercise, riding in a car, or if the structural integrity of the sling has been compromised.
  • Use common sense.  Be smart, be loving, be safe.
  • Disclaimer.  Sakura Bloom and Karri Tree Lane are not responsible for any injuries related to use of your sling.  Please read and follow our safety instructions.  Use common sense and care when wearing your sling.





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