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Vatanai Woven Wrap

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 Blue Stripes - Kipawa



Orange Stripes - Tibet


 Igloolik - pictured below also



These wraps are glorious, light airy weaves yet super supportive for babies right from birth through toddler years (3 years +)

A firm favourite with Australian baby wearers, the stripes are perfect for our hot climate and the beautiful cotton fabric stays soft and cuddly all year around.

The jacquards I am happy to order as requested, please email through the Contact Us page


Pink Stripes - Maruyama

Red Waves - Koira



(Koira width detail)












Some Vatanai info:


- Vatanai baby wraps are suitable for babies from birth – No baby is too small to be wrapped.

- In the Vatanai baby wrap, you can carry your baby in a variety of positions depending on the weight of your baby and how long you plan to carry your baby. You can easily change positions whenever needed.

- All positions are physiologically beneficial compared to other types of carriers. Physiologists recommend carrying babies in baby wraps rather than other types of carriers.

- In a baby wrap, a newborn can curl up into the fetal position like in the mother's womb. The baby can smell the familiar smell, hear the mother's heartbeat, and feel the same rhythmic rocking which brings a sense of security. This makes it easier to adjust to all of the baby’s new perceptions like cold, loud noises, bright lights, hunger, thirst, etc.

- Babies who are carried often suffer less separation anxiety, cry less and become independent earlier.

- While carrying baby in a baby wrap your hands are free.

- The wrap allows you the freedom to get out and about with your baby without the need for bulky prams or strollers

- When walking or hiking, you can go everywhere with your baby when you carry them 

- The baby wrap is light, and practical to fold and carry until it’s needed

- The baby wrap can also be used as a changing pad, blanket, shawl, hammock, etc


Sizing of the Vatanai baby wrap

The width is 70 cm before shrinkage and 65 cm after shrinkage.

Length is measured by the length of one side of the wrap, as expected after shrinkage. Some producers state the length before shrinkage, however all Vatanai lengths are stated as after shrinkage is allowed for so you will never be caught short!

The length of wrap which you require depends on which different types of positions you decide to carry your baby and also on your size. Vatanai baby slings are usually between 2.5 and 5 metres long, with 4.5 metres being the length suited to the majority of wearers wishing to carry infants in a front cross carry.  You can find more info about lengths and colorways at the Vatanai official website, here


Some information about the fabrics and production of the Vatanai Wraps:

  • The material is made of cotton threads of high quality, and processed in a gentle way. The worsted yarn threads are arranged in parallel fashion so the surface is smooth to the touch. Vatanai only use long fibrous cotton, which has proven to be non-abrasive.
  • Due to the unique way of weaving the cloth, the wrap is stretchy and wraps closely around baby to safely support the baby’s body.
  • Fabric is stretchy crosswise, which makes tying easier than trying to tie other types of fabric.
  • The cotton yarn is dyed using high quality dyes that are free from any heavy metals or poisons, and is completely non-allergenic.
  • Fabric is colorfast and wraps can be washed at up to 60°C without changing the look of the sling.
  • Different yarns are used for both warp and weft, which guarantees that the sling stays soft and stretchy even after many washes.
  • Lengthwise stripes are of different colours to make the manipulation with the baby sling easier.
  • Colours are carefully chosen to have nice optical influence on you child.
  • The shape of the sling corresponds with many years’ experience of using it.
  • Double hem sewed down with elastic sew guarantees retaining the shape of long-term used sling.
  • Each production phase (spinning, dying, weaving) is certified by a rigorous quality process, and ensures that the product is safe for you and your baby.
  • Test results may be provided showing that the Vatanai baby sling is safe for you and your baby.
  • The slings are produced in Czech Republic. No child labor is ever used in the production of Vatanai slings.
  • Each Vatanai wrap has a three year guarantee.
  • Every baby sling is delivered with instructions. Each carrying position is clearly described step by step in both text and illustration.
  • Karri Tree Lane is pleased to offer a full post purchase trouble shooting service, with help available by email and phone as required.


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